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About the Chamber

Founded in 1926 by Yahya Sezai Uzay, Bandırma Chamber of Commerce exists to deal with the socio-economic problems of the region it is located in, to make the highest contribution to the solution of these problems, and to lead the development of its members in the commercial field. Considering this mission, Adem Yılmaz has been selected as the Chairman of the Board in the 2022 elections.

Bandırma Chamber of Commerce, where 29 Chairmen of the Board and 33 Assembly Members have served since its establishment, currently serves 2900 members with 11 Board of Directors, 40 Assembly Members, a total of 98 Professional Committee members and 11 personnel.

Bandırma Chamber of Commerce has carried out many important activities since its establishment. The Chamber organized the Tax Award Ceremony for the first time in Turkey, rewarding its members who paid the highest Corporate and Income Tax, and broke new ground in our country with this step.

Working with the awareness of its economic and social responsibilities, Bandırma Chamber of Commerce is also the founder of Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone, which is a crucial move in the development of the region.

A partnership was established with Çelebi Holding, which won the tender within the scope of the privatization of Bandırma Port. In this way, the Chamber also took the Stock Exchange and became a shareholder in the port and gained access to the port management.

Bandırma Chamber of Commerce carries out European Union Projects within the scope of EU - Turkey Chambers Partnership Grant Scheme Program. "Computer Literacy Project", "Adaptation of the Turkish Fisheries Acquis to the EU Fisheries Acquis Project" and "Orientation of SMEs to Export by Improving the Service Capacity of the Chambers in the Southern Marmara Region" are the European Union projects carried out by the chamber. In addition, the chamber gave external support to two EU Projects named “Renewable Energy Resources” and “Wind Energy”.

Bandırma Chamber of Commerce has been the main sponsor for the Daskyleion Excavations for 5 years in order to contribute to the region's tourism within the framework of its social responsibilities. Thus, an important step has been taken to open the Daskyleion Excavations to tourism and to increase the tourism income of the region.

The Chamber is the founder and bearer of Bandırma Chamber of Commerce Primary School. In addition, in order to contribute to education, approximately 100 students are given Higher Education scholarships per year.

Bandırma Social Security Center, which could not provide adequate service due to insufficient physical conditions and lack of infrastructure, was pioneered in terms of service to the region by assigning a floor of our Chamber's service building.

The seaplane flights between Bursa and Istanbul were highly appreciated by our businessmen and in line with the demands, the Bandırma Chamber of Commerce carried out the necessary research and studies and played an important role in the launch of the Bandırma-Istanbul seaplane flights.

Bandırma Chamber of Commerce pioneered the establishment of the university by conducting the necessary lobbying activities for the establishment of Bandırma 17 Eylül University.

Bandırma Chamber of Commerce, which aims to ensure that KOSGEB services and supports are provided widely, effectively and in coordination, and to inform the Chamber Members about the available supports continuously and quickly, signed a cooperation protocol with KOSGEB Balıkesir Provincial Directorate and became one of the two institutions providing KOSGEB Representation service among Balıkesir districts.

With the conditions brought by the globalizing world and the emergence of the competitive environment; our chamber has turned to new management systems and has started to take steps towards applying these systems to itself. With the increasing importance of concepts such as member satisfaction and strategic management, it was awarded the TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate in 2010. In order to measure the satisfaction of its members, to determine their expectations and to find solutions to their complaints by evaluating their suggestions, it acquired the TS EN ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System quality certificate in 2018 and continued to serve its members in accordance with these standards. The Chamber was included in the chamber/exchange accreditation system carried out by TOBB in 2010 and received the accreditation certificate as a result of the inspections. In this way, the chamber continues to work in accordance with the service standards of the chambers of the member states of the European Union and constantly improves its service quality.

Bandırma Chamber of Commerce aims to be a reference Chamber on a regional and national basis, which has professionally succeeded in institutionalizing and providing services to its members with a contemporary management approach and social responsibility awareness, reaching the level of sustainable development, providing added value to Bandırma's economy and social life. The Chamber continues to work with this vision.

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